Losing it

Sometime within the last month, the memory stick which holds my writing disappeared. I have searched everywhere that I can, but in the time between it going missing and me noticing, I had a week-long trip to Indonesia, so there are a lot of places I can’t search. It took me about a week, but I finally came to accept the loss.

It was very overwhelming, especially because it came on top of lots of other stress in my life. All my work for the last few years, just gone. I felt like an idiot for not backing it up, but how often do we hear this sort of thing and think “I should do that” and never actually make back-ups?

Fortunately, I have a couple of friends who have saved a lot of the things that I’ve sent them for critiques or to print or whatever. So most things are recoverable. The biggest lost is the screenplay. I was on version 11 or 12, but the most recent version I can find is version 4. Alas.

On the plus side, it’s something of an excuse to do a few of the edits to the beginning as I try and recreate it. On the downside, I was really happy with some of the scenes that I’d been working on.  It’s still stressful, but I’m trying my darnedest to not let it be a breakdown point. There are plenty of other things to be stressed and miserable about when writing.

In conclusion, go back up all your writing RIGHT NOW!

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