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One of the fine-tuning aspects of writing is finding those words you over-use while writing, the written equivalent of a nervous tic. “Sort of” and “only” are two culprits I’ve seen other people try to conquer.

Wordle: Better or Worse

It would appear that mine is “back.” This was one of the words I overused in Bubba Cthulhu’s Last Stand, which I excised before submitting. I will have to black-list the casual use of this word from my writing. It should definitely NOT be appearing more often than “said.”

I like this tool. There are several other tools out there on the web that will list the words used most often in your work. I used one of them on Bubba, which is why I knew there was a problem with “back” to begin with. However, the Wordle tool puts it up there in big, colorful letters. When “back” is bigger than “said,” you know there’s a problem. A nice, visual representation of it.

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  1. Day

    I hear that. I use “word counter” to do the same thing. It can be a bit shocking to discover EXACTLY how much you fall into certain word-traps.

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