Learning from a master

I am not much of a classic movie buff. I don’t watch many movies in general these days because of the time commitment, unless it’s for “research.” But “Dial M for Murder” was on, and I was curious, and my TiVo has lots of room, so I plunked my headache-y self down on the bed and watched it. I was amazed.

I thought Grace Kelly did a really great job with her role, much better than her male counterparts. She sold the story for me.

What always amazes me about Hitchcock, though, is how nothing is wasted. Camera angles, little fidgets, everything — it combines so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It was truly amazing to watch it all unfold, to know somewhere in the back of my mind that so many people gave something to this production, and that Hitchcock was able to mold and craft all that into this emotional and intellectual experience.

No, I don’t want to direct. Managing a program is more than enough of being in charge for me. But it’s been good to imagine that, some day, I might be part of a similar experience.

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