Almost done

Barring some typo-checking and the whole packet preparation process, my screenplay for the Twilight Zone contest is done. I think I like it. It’s probably too soon to say for sure. I feel like it’d be a good, if terribly cheesy, fit for the Twilight Zone. I hope the judges like it.

My brain has a trick of not letting me know how I feel about something until after the fact. This has been helpful, as it meant I was mostly able to hold it together until Sheryl’s funeral. But sometimes, I’d like to know a bit sooner whether or not I liked something. *knocks on skull* What a silly brain.

On a more serious note, I’ve found that, since the night before the funeral, I’ve had a strong desire to write again. In many ways, this contest entry is done in Sheryl’s memory. I don’t know if this will pass or will finally be the driving force I need to get something substantial done. I hope the latter, as I could use that motivation, and I know it would make Sheryl happy to have made that kind of a difference. I think of her stories that will never be complete, and it makes me sad, but also more dedicated to my own craft.

If only, as they say, we didn’t have to lose people to get this sort of insight.

One thought on “Almost done

  1. michael laws

    lovely to see your still working hard .. hope your keeping your training up also

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