We apologize for this brief interruption

My domain name expired, but for reasons best left unspeculated upon, the email address that was the recipient of the renewal emails was set to something that hasn’t worked in over a year. Somehow they managed to get me on an address that works, though, so all is now restored. (Though it may take longer to propegate for some readers than for others. I have now fixed the registration for all my domain names, so all should be smooth sailing.

In other news, I have my first rejection of the year! I’ve been on a stress-induced hiatus until recently, so in theory, I’m behind schedule. However, it feels good to be “back in the game,” even if I’m striking out. I have a feeling I know why it didn’t win, not being quite as dark or freaky as the judges wanted. Or at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself. 🙂 Now to find a different market for it. It’s a short, which seems to be more common in the screenplay contest realm. It has some not-so-subtle religious tones, which will narrow the interest. I’m still rather proud of it, though.

I have yet to figure out how to convince my roommate that it’s a good thing that I got a rejection letter. I have been in contests to see who could get the most rejection letters, which has helped take the sting out of it.

(Well, most of the sting. *sniff* So misunderstood!) 😉

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