Making it work

Since my last oh-so-inspiring post, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and even a fair bit of writing. I completed the outline for my screenplay and have started working through what I’ve written and matching it to the outline. I’ve also actually come up with a story for a couple of characters that have been floating around in my head for a while. I’m also on vacation and have actually slept for the last few nights, which improves my mood tremendously. I got a good chunk of work done this afternoon, including figuring out an aspect of the climax to the new story that had been perplexing me. A few more things to figure out, but I definitely have some solid bones.

I’ve been pondering quite a few things lately about how to make a go of this writing career. There’re several things I could do, starting with abandoning the working world to live in my mom’s basement. Considering that it’s flooded right now, this is not really much of an option. (Though if the sump pumps keep working so well….Oh, hi, Mom!) Honestly, though, I don’t think that would be the best path for me. I do like having a structure in my life. Finding balance between the structure of some sort of work and writing is important. This leaves me pondering several other choices open to me at the moment. Or open to me in the future, at least. I don’t like doing things rashly, that’s for sure. Yet in some ways, I think I need to be at least a little rash in order to make a go of a writing career. It will just be rash for me, as opposed to rash for other people. In theory, anyway. Has all this been cryptic enough for you? Good, because I’m at least as confused!

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