Under New Management

I’ve spent the morning making some changes to this little blog of mine. Given how long it had been since I had posted here, I considered just re-starting from scratch, but as I was reading over some of the posts, I couldn’t. I’m a bit of a pack-rat, so that doesn’t help, but I was also surprised by the level of enthusiasm I had for writing. I’ve not been writing for the last couple of years. A lot has gone into that, but it’s partly because I’ve been pursuing a degree in web development. I am now one capstone project class away from graduation in that degree. Assuming my plans for a career change (which include a move to Boston) pan out, perhaps I will have spare time and energy enough to put into that particular hobby of mine. In the meantime, I can start using this space to blog about the web development stuff I’m doing, as well as other facets of life (like what it will be like living in New England).

As I’ve been talking to folks at the job I’m leaving, several have said how inspiring this change is for them. I am trying to pursue a passion (web development), so I guess I can see that. I also see a lot of unknowns, and that’s really scary for me. I like to plan and re-plan and over-plan. Not having a plan means that things won’t be perfect. Someone, somewhere, might get mad at me. Only as I’m progressing with this path forward do I realize how much these irrational but deeply-seated thoughts and notions control me. Which is yet another reason that I’ve found that making this dramatic of a change in my life is good for me.

Plus, as I have been finishing up the project for this past class, I’ve found myself looking up from the computer to realize it’s 10:30 and past time for bed, and I was too in the zone to notice. Combine that with the 100% that I got on the project, and I think I’ve found something that not only am I good at, but that I really enjoy. In case I had any doubts. (Which I always have about myself. In case you didn’t catch that.) 🙂

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