Soft skills

Settling in to things in Boston. I have unloaded the truck to the bedroom and a storage unit, with lots of help from friends (old and hopefully new) and family. I’ve been working on my resume this afternoon. One of the things in this job search that has taken be a bit by surprise is the lack of soft skills described in web developer job postings. Most focus purely on the technical skills, with a healthy side of description of the company. I suspect this has several sources. One is, of course, that the technical skills are likely the most important aspect, since things like working well as part of a team are easier to deal with than the inability to work in the particular system. It may also be that the demand for jobs outstrips the number of potential employees, so the soft skills are just not as important. This would also make sense for why it feels like there’s a strong emphasis on selling the company. It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out, and whether or not I end up changing my thoughts on this as time goes on.

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