Rabbit Holes

Programming has a lot of rabbit holes that it’s easy to fall into. I just spent 20-30 minutes trying to find an answer to a user’s question on Stack Overflow for a three-year-old version of the PHP framework that I’m only just beginning to use. This is perhaps not the best use of my time.

That said, it’s probably the fourth or fifth rabbit hole of the day. The others I’ve been chasing to figure out customizing the look of my CakePHP project. I’ve installed a Bootstrap theme, tried to solve all sorts of problems that gave, then commented out the code that linked to it. I then spent some time poking around with the default layout and editing that. I also spent some time with the GIMP to make a default banner image, then went back to CakePHP to figure out how to insert the image and then how to make the image link to the home page.

Some rabbit holes lead to more rabbit holes. Others dead end. But I do feel like I’m learning things, and I am getting at least a little better at spotting the difference between something that will be useful to strap on the thinking cap and figure out and something that it’s not worth the effort to explore. But I suspect that I’ll never be able to ALWAYS tell the difference.

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