Trucking along

Things are going well in “becoming a web developer” land.

I finished the conversion of my last class’s project into Laravel and even added some user authentication, which Laravel made quite easy. It doesn’t come natively with the ability to assign multiple roles, so I just did what a logged in person could see vs what an unregistered user would see. It looks like there are several packages already written that provide for user groups and specific permissions, so I will likely play around with those in supporting my next project, which will also be in Laravel.

My final class has started, so I’m going through the materials for the week, which focus on the need for a professional portfolio. It’s interesting reading and makes me think about how I might change things up on this site to be a better reflection of my professional brand.

Today is the last day of the Introduction to iOS programming class. It’s been a good way to get my feet wet on the app programming side. It, as well as the Laravel dive, have highlighted that an important aspect of learning a new skill is knowing what to pay attention to and focus on now and what to put on a shelf to revisit once the basics are under your belt. (Mixing metaphors is fun!) It’s also important for instructors to know when to say “That’s a good question but outside of the scope of this lesson.” I’ve been reflecting on some of the training I have done for others and recalling cases where I was ill-prepared or where I went deeply into a side topic that I didn’t need to. A needed dose of humility, I think. 🙂

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