“Doggie Dates” website

Doggie Dates Screen Capture

Doggie Dates Website

Visit site: http://lisalhilton.com/DoggieDates/

Technologies used: HTML and CSS

Review of work: I created this website for a class assignment. The main focus of the course was introducing HTML and CSS. It was also a good chance to use some of the design guidance I’d learned in a previous course. I settled on blue and orange for the color scheme. The colors are not only complementary, but also reflect the two main feelings I wanted the site to communicate–a sense of fun (orange) and a sense of professionalism (blue). I was fortunate to find an image to use in the header that brought in those colors and was available under the Creative Commons license. It was also fun to develop content for this fake business.

Possible next steps: While I don’t have any need to revisit the site, if I were to do so, I’d probably tone down the use of the orange, using it more as an accent color, and putting a lighter background color behind the text. I’d also want to make the site responsive.

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